Sampler Discovery Set
Sampler Discovery Set
Melt & Tranquil

Sampler Discovery Set

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A sampler pack of some of our " current favorite scents"

6 scents in one pack

Sampler packs are subject to change. This variation is limited

Featuring scents:

Good Intentions: Linen, lily, jasmine, musk 

Sweet Hugs: sugar, custard, rum

Pucker Up: Berries, sugar, tonka ,(boujee cotton candy)

Empress: This alluring scent gives a bold burst of musk and slightly woody aromas. Undertones like jasmine allows relaxation, making you feel like the finest of royalty. This is sure to be a fave! Jasmine, leather, amber. Infused with patchouli essential oil

Kisses From Bali: Citrus, wood, floral, musk

Morning Brew: hazelnut coffee